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This is a notebook encyclopedia with articles and reviews that eventually will cover virtually every aspect of Hokkaidō - for residents, students, visitors and anybody just curious about Japan's unique northern island.

The wiki was first published in January 2008 with opening sections on Tokachi Subprefecture and Hidaka Subprefecture. Other areas will gradually follow to include the whole island, past and present, the natural environment and the human world, society, economics and politics, popular culture and creativity etc. according to the knowledge of contributors and the interests of readers.

Contributors with different skills will be welcome - not just 'cyclopedists, but also copy editors, reviewers, mappers, and photographers. We also invite readers to make suggestions and ask questions - feedback is always valued.

Sections Open February 2008

Cities: Obihiro Subprefectures, towns and villages: Tokachi : Ashoro • Hiroo • Honbetsu • Ikeda • Kamishihoro • Makubetsu • Memuro • Nakasatsunai • Otofuke • Rikubetsu • Sarabetsu • Shihoro • Shikaoi • Shimizu • Shintoku • Taiki • Toyokoro • Urahoro  Hidaka: Biratori • Erimo • Hidaka • Niikappu • Samani • Shinhidaka • Urakawa Mountains: Daisetsuzan • Hidaka National Parks: Daisetsuzan National Park • Hidaka Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park

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